Our core solution

Trust Stamp uses facial biometrics to provide identity authentication for online-originated or facilitated business and social transactions.

We start by verifying the liveness of the subject by prompting them to take a “secure-selfie” using a smartphone (or computer with a camera) which we then subject to multilayer proof of life tests to ensure that there is a live human face in front of the camera. The image is then converted into a 3D histogram, from which a biometric hash is generated that is unique to the subject’s face and storable on the enterprise server or in a Blockchain constituting a unique and immutable digital identity.

Proprietary pattern recognition AI then compares the secure-selfie to government-issued photo ID and/or images found through online data mining to permanently attach a legal identity to the biometric hash. When required, we also data mine online resources to age proof-of-existence by reference to participation and interactions with bona fide parties and can attach trust related data applicable to the transaction including public records data and a proprietary trust score.

Identity & Trust as a Service

In Under 60 seconds

An increasing number of economic and social transactions are Internet mediated without the parties having a prior basis for trust or even confidence as to the identity of their counterparty. Globally, synthetic identity fraud, business e-mail compromise (BEC), and e-mail account compromise (EAC) cost individuals and enterprises tens of billions of dollars every year. Knowledge based solutions (usernames & passwords, out-of-wallet questions) have proven to be vulnerable to both sophisticated hackers and simple social engineering.

Trust Stamp develops identity authentication software solutions for enterprise partners and P2P markets. Our patented proof of liveness technology allows us to provide a unique suite of facial biometric based products that establish and maintain relationships requiring identification authentication. Our products reduce friction & increase security for communications and account opening & access processes as well as addressing compliance issues such as Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and personal safety risks.

Management Team
  • Mark Birschbach – Board Member
  • Andrew (Drew) Brice – CISO
  • Andrew (Scott) Francis – President and CTO
  • David Garland – Advisor
  • Gareth N. Genner – Co-founder and General Counsel
  • Andrew Gowasack – Co-founder and CEO
  • Dave Greenwald – VP Business Development
  • Dr. Norman Poh – Scientific Advisor
  • Alex Valdes, CFO
Biometrics Innovations Limited (UK/EU Affiliate)
  • Mike Battersby – President
  • Mark Birschbach – Board Member
  • John Dengate – VP Marketing
  • David Garland – Advisor
  • Gareth N. Genner – General Counsel
  • Bill McClintock – Board Chairman
  • Dr. Norman Poh – Scientific Advisor
  • David Story – Managing Director
Advisory Board
  • Joseph Casino, BA (International Business) IT
  • Nick Drapeau, BA (Economics) Consultant SBI
  • Jesus Garcia, BA (Accounting) Business Solutions Analyst – SunTrust
  • Blair Gowasack, JD, LLM (Taxation) (Incoming) Tax Associate – KPMG
  • Michael Lindenau BSc Software Architect – Allulo
  • Pat Metz, M.Acc, CPA – The Coca-Cola Company
  • Michael Pressley, MSc Regional Director – Safe Haven Security Services
  • Mathew Williams, BS (Accounting & Finance), Business Analyst – eVestment
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Atlanta Technology Village:
3423 Piedmont Rd. NE
Atlanta, Georgia, 30305 USA
(678) 325-7835
Silicon Valley Office:
101 California Street, Suite 2710
San Fransisco, CA, 9411 USA
Transact Innovations PLC:
120 Pall Mall, St. James's
London SW1Y 5EA, UK
Biometric Innovations:
SetSquare - University of Surrey Research Center
40 Occam Road, Guildford GU2 7YG, UK
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